Board Examination

Board Examination in all subjects of all Semester under the scheme of examination will be conducted at the end of each semester.
The sessional   marks in all the subjects will be awarded on the basic of continuous internal assessment made  during the semester concerned . For each  subject 25  marks are allotted for internal  assessment  and 75 marks are allotted for each for Board Examination.     
Examining Body:- Slate Board of Technical Education, Tamilnadu
Eligibility for appearing for the Board Examination
1. The candidate must have put in a minimum of 80% of attendance in the semester concerned.
2. should have earned a progress certificate in studies from the Head of the Institution.
3. Have to satisfactorily complete the course of study prescribed by the State Board of Technical Education
4. Should be in possession of satisfactory conduct and character.
5. Have to register and remit the prescribed examination fee.
6. Continuous Internal Evaluation
It has been decided to introduce Continuous Internal assessment mark for a total of 25 marks, which are to be distributed as follows.
a. Attendance                                                                 5 Marks
( Award of marks for attendance will be as per the range given below)
80%   -       83%         1Mark
84%   -       87%         2 Mark
88%   -       91%         3 Mark
92%   -       95%         4 Mark
95%   -       100%         5 Mark
b.Test                                                                              10 Marks
c. Assessment                                                              10 Marks

For each subject  three Assignment are to be given and the average marks scored should be reduced for 10 marks.
All test paper after getting signature from the students, must be kept in the safe custody in the Department for verification and audit. It should be preserved for a Semester for Academic Audit.

The internal Evaluation
a) Attendance                         : 5 Marks - Evaluation
                 pattern same as Theory
b) Procedure observation and
   tabulation / other related Practical
    work                                      : 10 Marks
c) Result                                  : 5 Marks
d) Record writing                    : 5 Marks
        TOTAL                               : 25 Marks
The Record for every completed exercises should be submitted in the subsequent Practical classes and marks should be awarded for 20 each exercise as per the above allocation
At the end of the Semester, the average marks of all the exercises should be calculate   -for 20 marks and the marks awarded for attendance is added to arrive th the internal mark for Practical.
All marks entries for assignment, Test and attendance should be entered in the personal log book of the staff handling the subject This is applicable to both Theory and Practical . Subjects.
7.  Scheme of Examination
The Scheme of examinations for subjects are given in Annexure.
8.  Criteria for Pass
No Candidates shall be eligible for the award of Diploma unless he/ she has undergrown the prescribed course of study successfully in an institution approved by A1CTE and affiliated to the state board of Technical Education & Training Tamilnadu and pass all the subject prescribed in the syllabus.
(A Candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination in subject and if He / She Secures 40% in theory, drawing subjects and 50% in practical subjects out of the total prescribed maximum marks including both the sessional and the Board Examination marks put together, Subject to the condition that he/she has to secure at least a minimum of 30 marks in the out 75 marks in the boards Theory / Drawing / Practical Examinations.)
9.  Classification of successful candidate.
Classification of candidates who pass out the final examination from April 2010 onwards Coined in first year in 2007 - 2008) will be done as specification below 
(A Candidates will be declared to have passed in First Class with honors if he / she secures . not less than 75% of the aggregate marks in all semesters put together except. I and II semester and passes all the above semesters in the first appearance itself within the stipulated period of study 3/3 54/4 years( Full Time/Sand which/part Time) without any break in study.)
(A candidate will be declared to have passed in First Class if he/she secures not less than 60% semesters put together except I & II Semester within the stridulate period of Study 3 /3 Vi /4 years (Full Time / Sandwhich / Part time without any break in study.)
(AH other successful candidates will be declared to have passed in second class. ne above mentioned classification is applicable for the sandwich / part - Time students Waned out final examination from October 2010/ April2011 onwards (both joined in first year in 2007-2008).
The duration of each period of teaching in a day is 1 hour and the total period of instruct hour excluding interval and lunch break in a day should be uniformly maintained as 7 hours corresponding to 7 periods of instruction (Theory & Practical)




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