Grievance Redressal Commitee


 In out college, Grievance Redressal  Committee is formed as per the direction of AICTE with Thiru.Dr.V.Rajendran  M.E.,Ph.D  Principal as the committee head ‘Aggrieved’ students can submit their representation for redressal of their grievance regarding.


i)                   Irregularity in the admission process.

ii)                Making admission contrary to merit.

iii)              Breach of the policy for reservation in admission.

iv)              Withhold or refuse to return any document in the format certificates of Diploma or their document deposited with the institution for purpose of seeking admission.

v)                 Demand of money in excess of the prescribe limit.

vi)              Non-payment or delay in payment of scholarships.

vii)            On provision of students amenities.

viii)         Denial of quality education.

ix)              Non transparent or of unfair evaluation practices.

x)                 Harassment and victimization of students including sexual harassment.