Placement Officer :        Thiru. C.Saravana Kumar M.E., Ph.D



1.   Campus recruitment for final year students starts from December onwards every year.  Recruitment after passing out of the campus will also be done depending on the availability of non placed students. 


2.    Interested recruiters are requested to mail the following details to

Job Profile 

  • Job Location
  •  Training Period
  •   Designation before & after Training
  •   Service agreement if any – No. of years & Bond amount if any
  •   Branches required
  •   Eligibility Criteria – Marks (X/XII/Dip) and Arrear Status
  •   Selection Process – Test (Online/Not)GD/Interview
  •   Facilities required for Campus recruitment
  •   Preferred dates to visit

NB:     Placement with paid training by students and Consulting fee attached       placements are not allowed. 

3.         Based on the above data, students will register at Placement Centre No. of           interested students will be informed to the recruiting company.   

4.         Based on the No. of interested students, Company can fix the venue either at      college or at their office.  If the policy of the company is to conduct a pooled      campus drived for colleges, we are ready to conduct here in our campus. 

5.         List of selected candidates and offer letters shall be given to the Placement          Officer at the end of the process.  If there is any delay in announcement of       results, students will be permitted to attend the next company.  If the students get     placement in the next company, they will not be permitted to get the offer from            the previous company if get selected. 


6.         The recruiters are requested to give the feedback of the quality of the students at            the end of the selection process and also after the training period.  This will help        us to improve continuously and offer better numbers than the previous year.