All the Students are hereby informed that severe punishment will be awarded to those who are trying to indulge in malpractice in the Board Examination. Pleading for excuse after committing the malpractice will not be entertained on any account. Trying to evade giving statement or running off from the examination hall or arguing with the hall superintendent will be treated as very serious cases of malpractice and accordingly the punishment will very servere.
Following are treated as malpractice in the examination hall
1.  Copying from the neighbors answer scripts or from bits possessed by them.
2.   Talking to the neighbors or showing answers to them.
3.   Possession of bits or any other written or printed material
4.   Replacement or exchange of answer scripts or additional sheets
5.   Writing answer or any other information on the question paper and exchange of question papers.
6.   Information connected with the examination written on the table scales geometry box etc. any part of the body of the candidate.
7.   Evading to give statement regarding malpractice, trying to spoil or swallow or tow off the bits etc., after detection.
8.   Exchange of materials with the neighbor or others.
9.   Writing any appeal or register number or any unconnected information in the answer scripts.
10.  Misbehavior with the Chief/Additional superintendents or Hall superintendents.
11.  Impersonation in appearing for examination.
12.  Any other act, which may lead to malpractice as stated above.