1.    Student are requested to be regular and punctual to their classes
2.    Perfect order and silence should be maintained in the polytechnic premise. Indiscipline misconduct or irregularity will render a student liable for suitable punishment.
3.    Students should not loiter about in the verandahs or open space and should not gather in-groups in front of the lecture halls and other places thereby causing inconvenience.
4.    They  must be present in the respective seats in their class at the stroke of the bell indicating the commencement of the class work.
5.    When  the lecture enters the lecture all the student in the class should stand up and remain standing intl they  are asked to take their respective seats.
6.    If due to any unavoidable circumstance a student happens to come late he must wait at the entrance of the classroom till he is permitted by the lecture to enter the class. later comers may be refused admission to the class.
7.    Attendance will be marked at the commencement to every period, for all class of theory, drawing and practical.
8.    Students should not leave the lecture hall during the class hours without the permission of the lecturer concerned.
9.    Student should not absent themselves from the classes without prior permission for leave sanctioned. In case a students is absent due to unforeseen circumstances without prior permission, that student should produce his leave letter with the endorsement  of his parent / guardian on the first day of this attendance after the unauthorized absent.
10.    Each and every student is responsible for the safety care and proper use of furnishes apparatus and equipment  during practical classes. In case of damage to any of these, either the cost of replacement or change for repairs as found necessary would be recovered from the student concern.
11.    Students will be provided with text books note books drawing equipment etc.for different subject as prescribed. They must be regular in submission of homework assignment  laboratory would be record s etc., as may be necessary for their studies.
12.    For admission to end  examination conducted by the academic board a student have satisfaction completed the prescribed course of study and should have put in not less than 80% of attendance of the total number of working hours separately in each of theory, drawing and practical classes during the years/ semester.
13.    Periodical tests will be conducted during the years / semester Attendance in these in theory drawing and practical is compulsory.
14.    Students should not bring cell phone inside the college campus.
15.    15.In case of misbehavior a lecture may require the student to withdraw from his class and shall report the matter to the principle. Habitual neglect of class  work and homework would render a student liable for suitable punishment.
16.    Student attending meeting and function in polytechnic shall maintain perfect order.
17.    Student should not collect money either in the polytechnic premises or outside from the students any or staff members or for purpose connected with curricular or extra curricular activity of the polytechnic.
18.    Student desiring to represent personal difficulties or seeking guidance many approach the guidance and counseling cell
19.    Students  should not spite indiscriminately or spoil the cleanliness  of the premises in any way. waste papers plastic etc., should not be thrown at random. They should be deposited in the dust bins provided for that purpose.
20.    Ragging is strictly prohibited  by a notification issued by the ministry of education. Government  of india  New delhi  with a penalty for ragging up to 2 years of imprisonment. If any student indulges in any  from of ragging he/she will be expelled from the college. The tamilnadu  government  has enacted legislation strictly prohibited ragging in the education al institution.