Anti Ragging

1.  As per the Anti –Ragging Act of govt. of tamizhnadu1997, Ragging within or Outside an educational Institution is prohibited.

2.  Ragging is a punishable offence which involved physiological harm to student.

3.  W hoever directly or indirectly involved in “Ragging” shall be punished with 2 years of imprisonment and  a fine unto 10,000 rupees.

4. Any student convicted of an offence shall also be dismissed  from the institution and he/she shall not be admitted in any other educational institution.

5 .Any student affected by ragging can complain the matter to the concerned head of Department  or principal. The decision of the head of the  institution after conduction an enquiry shall be final in this regard.

6. Complai nts of ragging can be preferred through police anti- ragging help line phone no :9443205407 (or)to the concerned person below :

1.PRINCIPAL                                                             _     9442211015

2.VICE PRINCIPAL                                                    _     9790399224

3.DEPUTY WARDEN WOMEN’S                             _     9865511733


 Ref .                 1. G.o.  ms. No.469 ES  &   T/dated 25.04.1989

                          2.D.T.E.  Lr.  No.  109717 /J3/ 88 dated22.09.1989 


Ragging  is an unpardonable injustice against student community and students who take part in the barbarian act will definitely be expelled from the institution and also punishable by law.